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With such a dynamic & diverse portfolio, Macro finance has been market leader since 30 years, giving upto 18% returns p.a.

Digital Currency

With top class Crypto Analysts, we make sure not to miss out on the Digital Revolution.

Stock Market

Highly skilled Analysts with Decades of experience at top firms manage our Equity assets.

Bullion & Bonds

Part of our capital goes into Bullion and treasury Bonds. The Gold Standards for long term growth.

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We are Macro finance Corporation Ltd. We are in the business of world class and exceptional customer service & Investment. Found by the late Mr. Bentley Rose Sr ( May his soul rest in peace ) over 30 years ago. Our main focus has been lending to civil service employees up until recently as 2000. Since restructuring, We have diversified our company into two divisions, Agricultural processing services and investment Management. Our consulting group makes sure every tiny influence is considered in risk management and investment.

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